Friday, January 6, 2012

2012: First Finished

First off, I know it's not symmetrical.  It's not suppose to be, but next time I'll make it more pronounced so it won't look like an unfortunate accident.

I was in a creative slump after our family Thanksgiving celebrations (cast of thousands for about a month...okay, an exaggeration...but still exhausting).  

I limited my color range and decided to produce something around a theme of "Seven Sisters".  My "Seven Sisters" refers to the Australian Aboriginal creation myth stories of seven sisters who travelled throughout the (mostly) desert areas of Australia, and eventually, took up permanent residence in the sky.  They are the same constellation that the Greeks named Pleiades, also known as "Seven Sisters".  Interesting, no?

 The other interesting thing, for me, is that, as a result of having made this roughly 28"x 48"piece, I'm not in a slump anymore.  I am now working on my third "Seven Sister" themed piece.  These next two...hopefully...three pieces are very different from this one.  Stay tuned.

I guess my point is:  just do the work.  For me, it's getting back in the studio full time and just doing it.

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