Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our First Exhibit of 2012

Mary Lachman is the fearless leader of CT Fiber Arts Collective, a regional group of like-minded artists.  It's a very active group too...having exhibited somewhere in the state five of the last eight months.   Behind her are pieces by Toni Torres, Karen Loprete and Carol Eaton.

This month we were asked to fill in for an artist who had to drop off the calendar at the Southbury Library.  We have an exhibit ready for February and quickly pulled together another for January.   This one starts with "Identity",  the small pieces that we had just removed from the Middlebury Library. We paired that collection with a few of "our favorite things" and Viola!, we had a very colorful exhibit. The four pieces in the first group are the work of Diane Cadrain and Carol Vinick.

  The four in this photo are by Carol Eaton, me (my Coneflowers) and Roz Spann.

Next is work by Diane Cadrain and Karen Loprete.  The last is the "Identity" collection being tweeked by our Carine Greene.

This work will be on exhibit through January.  These photos only represent part of the exhibit.  There are many more walls!  Definitely worth the trip if you are in the area.  February we will mount our Red/Read exhibit!


  1. The show is generating a lot of buzz... come and see!

  2. Just catching up with your latest posts, Diane -- loads of great stuff and wonderful exhibits! I so admire your energy and your creative spirit -- your pieces always make me smile.