Sunday, January 1, 2012

As the year ends

Friday it was reported that one of my heroines...maybe the only one...passed away.  Eva Zeisel, ceramicist and designer, died at age 105.  I recall an interview with her last year...still "with it", if frail.  Her biography is compelling, enough to make anyone an admirer.  Then, oh my, her designs!  I fell in love with her designs before I knew anything about her life's story.  One need only hold one of her glasses, feel it's weight and curvature, and know it is very special.

I have been looking for her work for years.  Every time I stop in an op-shop, thrift shop or second-hand store, her designs are the first I look for. (I think I have cornered the local market on her glassware.)

I'm sad that she is gone.  But SO appreciative of the mark she made.  Now, SHE was an inspiration!  Thank you, Eva Striker Zeisel.

The last One Hundred Years is undoubtedly a more beautiful place because of her Warmth and Sensuous Objects


  1. Hey Diane! I'm waiting for you he where it's warm, let me know when you'll be here (she said hopefully!) Thanks for the heads-up about Eva Zeisel, one of my favorites too. i always have my eye open for her ceramics. She was certainly a force, but I missed that she had passed away. Thanks!

  2. I just saw a special on Eva Zeisel. I have admired her pottery for years but I didn't realize she designed glass. I have an antique shaker exactly like yours.