Monday, August 6, 2012

Dye-in Results

I will start with pics of my ice dyeing.

 These last three were dyed using dry dye on damp soda ash soaked Kona cotton.  Two of them were then pinned on a line where they were sprayed with more soda ash solution from a spray bottle.

 The first one was then brushed downward with my rubber gloved hands.

 This second one was another damp, soda ash soaked piece that I blotted over the first one.  It picked up some really random colors

The last one was just sprayed after I had sprinkled three different blues over the surface.


  1. I love them! Did you get your galaxy piece? I kept thinking about the use of black and how Carol & I both discouraged you from using it… felt kinda bad about it. So, this morning I tried black again with the iced dying technique keeping the black dye powder heavy. It wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be; it turned out as a lovely black, purple and grey which you might like in a galaxy… if you get set up for ice dying again I’d go for it just to see if you like it! Sorry I wasn’t more encouraging earlier!