Sunday, August 5, 2012

Dyeing in someone ELSE's yard

Yesterday several of the CFAC (CT Fiber Artists Collective) met at Carol Eaton's home for a day (a REALLY hot, humid day) of ice dyeing and soda ash spray dyeing.

We started with guest Carol Ludington's demo of her 'parfait dyeing' from her recent Quilting Arts magazine article. 

Guests Barb Adams & Carol L with masked Mary Laughlin ice dyeing in the heat
Carol Ludington with her soda ash spray.  She was sure she "saw" a person in her  fabric...I think she has her own Rorschach Test
After we ice dyed we started a new project under the direction of Carol Eaton:  spraying with soda ash.  I had never heard of that before and was delighted with the results.

Carol's other spray pieces

Carol V and Carol E with Roz Spann working with spray dyeing

My first go at spray with soda ash

Second go at may see this in an upcoming challenge...just sayin'


  1. Phew! What a hot day... we were a determined group and now have some great new fabric to work with! To counter this experience we should meet in January for a session in snow dying!

  2. Great pieces! I especially love your first attempt at Soda Ash spraying. I've never heard of that either and I'm curious how you do it. Would you be willing to share your secrets?

  3. The soda ash thing is disarmingly simple. We sprinkled dry dye on our damp, previously soda ash soaked, fabric. Then we hung it on a line with plastic clothes clips. Carol E. had filled a spray bottle with the soda ash mixture that we had soaked our fabric in. Then we started spraying. Jet streams or sprays move the dye around on the surface. One can also wipe it, smooth it around, with your rubber gloved hands.

    After spraying the first time, I reversed the fabric, hanging it 'upside down' and repeated.

    Oh, and I also took another piece of treated fabric and blotted it flat over the entire surface and created another very interesting piece which picked up rather random 'dry' dye that one would not have expected.