Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Again, Home Again.....

I almost lost hope in making it to Houston's International Quilt Festival this year.  Hurricane Sandy had other plans for the day I had chosen to fly.  After several canceled flights, I finally, at 2am (!), arrived at my accommodations that I was sharing with my buddy Martha Wolfe whose gorgeous piece Stockholm Winter was included in the Seasonal Palette exhibit. (check out her blog to see it)

It was SO worth the harried hassle and worry to travel there!! and old!  Quilts!  Art! Vendors!  Photo Ops!  Food! ;^)  Oh, my, we had fun!

I have to say the SAQA exhibits were WONDERFUL!  Understandably, we couldn't take pics...even better there are catalogues....beautiful catalogues too.  (be sure to order yours from SAQA) I especially liked the added feature of the artists' process journals available to peruse at the Seasonal Palette exhibit.  Unfortunately two or three of the participating artists' journals had gone missing and were, therefore, unavailable...but those that were there were a REAL plus.

I took hundreds of photos and it's hard to choose which to post as favorites.  These three happened to get photographed more than once on subsequent meanderings in the exhibits.  That must mean something.

Next time I'll post the SAQA Benefit Auction 12" Square Art Quilts (yes, that's plural) that I 'won'.  I told you I had fun.

Amsterdam Alley by Leslie Tucker Jenison from San Antonio TX

Cold Winds by Takako Ishinami from Yamaguchi Japan

Moon Sisters by Stacy Hunt from Orange CA

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  1. Your trip sounds like a whirlwind of fun! The 3 photos you chose were intriguing!