Friday, November 9, 2012

SAQA Auction Collection

Without intent, initially, I've started a nice collection of very interesting 12" square art quilts.  This past week at the SAQA booth in Houston at the International Quilt Festival I became the proud owner of two (!) new pieces.

Joining four others that I 'won' in previous SAQA Benefit Auctions, are Cathy Smith's Twins with Matching Hats, from her marshmallow hay bale series, and Vivien Zepf's Chilean Chair Whimsey.  I feel SO lucky to have such a wonderful sampling of art from five very talented fiber artists!

Twins With Matching Hats/Cathy Smith
Chilean Chair Whimsey/ Vivien Zepf
Happy Anniversary #2/Lutgard Gerber-Billiau
Collections #3/Debbie Bein

Leaf Litter/ Sandy Gregg

Waiting for Roasting/ Cathy Smith


  1. Lucky girl! What a great collection you have in the making -- enjoy!


    1. I actually thought of you when i posted this. About how one of your lively pieces would enliven the whole.

  2. What a lovely collection and the small sizes make it manageable. Thanks for sharing this.
    best, nadia