Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sacred Secrets/Fiberactions Reveal Day

Today is Fiberactions REVEAL DAY for the current challenge:  Neutrals.  Check them out!
Sacred Secrets

Continuing my secrets series, I am using the same format as the last two reveals, seen below.  This time the challenge issued required the use of black, brown, gray and white.  

Using vintage zippers as a metaphor for concealed secrets, my interest here is in the use of secrets in religions.  For example, in some traditional indigenous religions, information is held closely, revealed only to the initiated.  Well, on second's certainly not exclusive to traditional or to indigenous.  Because of my interest in Aboriginal Art and my supply of fabric designed by Aboriginal artists, it was a natural to explore this branch of religious secrets.

Sacred Secrets detail
 Sacred Secrets, as the previous two, combines machine and hand stitching, zippers (of course) and rick rack (there are those friends of mine who would also say "of course").
Let the Sun Shine In

Pesky Little Secrets