Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ordinary Magpie

My first attempt at Sue Dennis' Viewpoints9 challenge was miserable at being ordinary.  Not that the piece was so extraordinary, by any means...but rather..I created a piece depicting an extraordinary place, missing Sue's point entirely.  I ended up posting the way too ooooo long message previously.

It did get me thinking.  And I never mentally left Australia as I looked for the ordinary in an extraordinary location.  When I think of what I miss when I'm not there.....  What ordinary thing I miss most?'s the magpies.  I love their songs. I also love that they are very plain looking in their black and white suits and that they are collectors.  Gosh, it's amazing how much you can have in common with a bird ;^)  Except I can't sing.

Pardon the my amateurish camera-work in the video.  After you listen to the maggies, go see what everyone is posting on Viewpoints9.  This is a fun challenge!


  1. I got to visit Australia and spend 6 months there in the 1980's. I remember a magpie playing with the side mirror on our car when we were camping. I have a photo of it somewhere. I, too, liked the magpies.

  2. Diane, what serendipity! I'm working on a piece about Magpies too - but the ones that are in Ireland and England. They are very elegant and have the striking black and white plumage, but when they open their wings the feathers underneath are irridescent. The amazing diversity in birds is a continual joy to me.