Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photographer in the Audience

Last night I was invited to give a Trunk Show of my work at the Shoreline Quilters Guild in Branford CT.  I had belonged to this guild several years ago so it was a real treat to be invited to return.  Lots of familiar faces and many new ones too.  
"Prickly Secrets"...and I have no idea for whom the Victory sign is being given
"They Rode the Stars to Heaven"

"Ode to Charley Harper"
I brought about half of the rolls of art quilts that I have in my studio.  What I chose to present could charitably be described as having a traditional basis.  This being a more traditional guild, I thought it would be of more interest to them.

Two really serendipitous things happened last night:  First, some of my buddies attended for moral support.  As I hardly ever plan too far in advance, their being there was perfect:  I had some help traveling the work around the crowd to see the pieces up close and personal.

Second, one of the members and a new SAQA member, Jan Doyle was there WITH HER CAMERA.  Remember how I don't like to plan too far in advance?  I did remember my camera, but I hadn't asked anyone to take pics.  So, whilst my buddies traveled artwork, Jan snapped pics.

She sent these three this morning for my use.  Darn, she's good!  I would never have taken...or posted...these 'animations' of myself.  But they are funny.  God knows what I was saying.  They are so graphic you can just make up your own narrative.  I am.

Thank you Jan, Barb, Robin, Vivika, Debbie, Judy Siccama and the Shoreline Quilters Guild!  You are the BEST.


  1. Great quilts, Diane, I love your work. What a cool opportunity for you. Also, I love your shibori sweater or jacket!

  2. It looks like you had a great time showing some fabulous quilts. I love your jacket.! It looks like shibori. Did you make it?

  3. The shibori top is a lightweight knit that I bought in Texas last year. Thanks for your kind posts

  4. What a treat for the guild to view your diverse work! I was wondering about your jacket as well... lovely!

  5. Jan captured your dynamic personality, and the quilts very well! I'm sure the guild oohed and Ahmed over your beautiful work.