Friday, August 8, 2014

Juried In!

I was delighted when I was notified that I had been juried into Connecticut Women's Association's 85th Anniversary Exhibit.  One of the primary reasons I applied was that it is to be installed at the Slater Museum of Art in Norwich, CT.  The Slater is a gem of a museum with soaring ceilings and wonderful natural light.

If you are anywhere nearby, please, come to the reception Saturday 6, 1:00-3:00.  They put on a great spread ;^)

Slater Memorial Museum, 108 Crescent Street, Norwich, CT

Painting: Raymond by Jeanne Ciravolo

Silly me.  I almost forgot to post the my own juried piece.  Love For Three Oranges


  1. Congratulations - beautiful quilt and it is so "you". Glad you can shine in a great space, and hope to see you in Portland!

  2. Thank you,Ali. Definitely in Portland!

  3. Hey! I can now say that I know a TV star -- you! I saw you today on Sewing With Nancy, and you were a natural! I loved hearing about your aboriginal quilts and the inspirations behind them -- what fascinating stories. And what great quilts! When was that filmed? I was so thrilled that I caught the episode -- you need to broadcast those things, you know, because we love to watch our friends in the spotlight. Congratulations!

    The Other Diane

    1. That was filmed last winter and I really didn't know when it would be aired. I didn't, wouldn't, can't watch it! Yikes! I sounded so hesitant in my head. But thank you for your comments! And I'm glad you are still 'around'. Miss you!