Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Reunion

In the "ya never know" category: We just returned from a quick trip (8 hour drive each way) to Cumberland MD for a family reunion over this past weekend. I don't usually use this venue for family topics but this time I will.

Two years ago we attended my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary party there. I had this bright idea that I would have everyone at the party write a congratulatory message...funny, silly, romantic, whatever...that I would put into a quilt for the happy couple. The evening was magical even though an ice-storm kept many of the friends and family in outlying areas from attending. For those of us from far away, it was no problem as we had arrived well before the storm.

My uncle's family had owned the local department store for a several decades. Because of this he was always a very well turned out dresser, with dozens of gorgeous ties. My aunt had bestowed them on me previously, believing that they would serve me better than they would Uncle Mort who, when he finally retired, was intent on spending most of his waking hours on the golf course.

One of the more interesting blocks is the one with the newspaper photograph. Cumberland is a small town. Everyone knows everyone. On the occasion of the Peskin's anniversary, their old friend, the local newspaper's publisher, printed a few copies of their 50 year old wedding photo and a front page story on how patient and wonderful Sue was to suffer so long. It was a very clever, funny piece....delivered to their door that morning.

Now back to the "ya never know" department: this weekend my Uncle Mort took me aside and with a big hug told me that, of all his possessions, this quilt was his favorite and most cherished. Darn near made me cry.


  1. Your story darn near made ME cry -- how lovely!


  2. Oh, a tear in my eye too. How lovely to hear your gift is so appreciated.