Thursday, July 21, 2011

Final Drawing Class

Today was the last day of my drawing classes at the Art Center. The task for the day was to take drawings done in previous classes and take them further. (I thought mine was finished...but, no, apparently not.)

I had drawn a white Russel Wright teapot...never, ever meant to have decorative bits added (is he spinning somewhere?) and an orange. Imagine for a moment that this sketch was JUST a teapot, an orange and a horizon line.

After talking about other artists, including my one of my favorites, Matisse, our instructor urged us to "go for it".

I missed last week's class because of volunteering at the Art Expo on the Green...but two of the high schoolers (!!) in my class shared the results of their day with me. The day that they went "plein air" outside of our classroom. I loved what they had done. I think I missed an important class and I may have to repeat the whole thing again ;^) (I have a tough life)

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