Friday, July 15, 2011

Reveal Day for Fiberactions

Today is reveal day for an online challenge group that I joined, Fiberactions. The word to inspire us was "Departure".

As an old traveler around this world, "departure" has an immediate reference for me: aircraft. I had tried to get away from this and really challenge myself with some
thing entirely different. Text.

I drove to the major airport in my state and, hoping not to attract the attention of security, took photos. I was enthusiastic about trying some Photoshop application.

The problem was that I couldn't get the aircraft image out of my head when I thought about "departure". I decided not to fight it.

Coincidentally, my homework in drawing class was to make a line drawing with strong sunlight. The other students in my class are 1: really young and 2: don't get what I do (but then who does?). With this in mind I decided to draw an aircraft with strong sunlight using my Bernina: needle and thread.

And, guess what? My instructor LOVED my "drawing"....wants me to teach her how to do it :^)


  1. I love this one. It is so YOU! Very creative solution to the drawing asignmnent, too.
    :-) Kate

  2. It's fabulous Diane! Nice to know non-fiber people appreciate what you do too.

  3. Lovely piece. And thanks for the grin - I just asked myself, now, who teaches whom over at Diane's? Good to know that a drawing teacher appreciates drawings done with a sewing machine.

  4. Bbeautiful work. Love the fabric choices for the strong sunlight effect, and the way you ran the quilting across the sun.