Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hanging together

Rosalind Spann is pictured here with her work Dad's Greens Harvest. Behind her are two of my pieces: top Windfall and below Harvest of Leaves. I'm adding this in a rewrite, after I received her permission to post her image. Below is the original.

How happy is this group!? CT Fiber Arts Collective hangs their latest collection in West Hartford CT (l to r Jeanne Landry, Mary Lachman, Diane Cadrain, me, Carol Vincik, Rosalind Spann and Carol Eaton...Karen Loprete was absent). We were all in attendance to mount our exhibit.

The library is very supportive...the walls are self-healing, hence very forgiving and easy to use, the staff was very helpful and there is lighting specifically for the artwork.

The gallery space is three-sided, devoted to the arts.
This photo looks out to one of the library areas.


  1. Beautiful venue and gorgeous artwork (can you post some closeups?) And, yes, I totally understand your frustration during Irene's visit -- how thoughtless for someone to suggest that a power outage is a good opportunity for families to spend time together. There were diabetics in our area who depended on refrigeration to keep their insulin cold, and they were frightened. It's not a pleasant time to "bond"; it's a very stressful situation. Glad you came through with your health intact.


  2. How lovely, Diane! Looks like a wonderful show, best of luck with it!

  3. Yes - we are a happy group! I look forward to the artist reception on September 8th from 6:30 -8:30!

  4. Great job and congratulations on CFAC's latest show. You guys are really amazing! Hope you get your power back on soon. If you need a break and a hot meal, call me. You are always welcome at my house!