Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Irene visits Connecticut...she wasn't nice

Our power went off at 2:52am Sunday, August 28th and it's still off. I used to love camping. I now find that I don't like to camp anymore. I like flush toilets, potable water, fridges, the internet...little stuff like that. (When we loose power the well's pump does not work, ergo no drinking or flushing.)

Trees are down everywhere...hanging in the electrical wires. Many roads are impassable. Fortunately the weather is mild and residents can camp in their homes.

The real disasters are homes and businesses near the shoreline and rivers that have flooded, thanks to Hurricane Irene.

Enough whining!

The big news: Today is the day that CT Fiber Arts Collective hangs it's second show. We are all excited! I am at the ready to help. I have my hanging kit, artwork, camera...boy, oh boy, I can hardly wait.

Oh, and did I mention that the venue is very near a Marriott that is fully functioning? I have internet and a hot shower. Life is good.

Power may return to us over this coming weekend. We will consider ourselves very lucky...and try to help our less fortunate neighbors.

Note two hours later: I'm sorry to be so shallow and such a sissy. I have been in typhoons, hurricanes, blizzards and many tropical storms before. I do know how to survive nicely, honestly...I think my frustration is that the power company didn't make assessments of damage for a couple of days and their talking head said that this "down time" would give families a chance to be together. (no, really, he did!)


  1. We had 5 direct hits when we lived in NC. The first thing I did was fill both bathtubs with water because we had a well. We were usually without power for a week or more. I so relate.

  2. Yes, my tub is down to half and I've begun rationing (really) the water for flushing :-!

  3. So sorry about all the damage and difficulty back east. Glad you're braving it well, all things considered. Be well!