Monday, August 22, 2011

I wish I could dye....

I'm pretty good at discharging...enough to like many of the pieces that I have made. But, I've never really liked much of what I've dyed. I think it might be the difference between baking and cooking.

Leap in logic? Maybe not. One requires precision while the other can be judged. I actually am better in that place where I can say..."how about a little of this?" "How about that?". Yes, I did take a bunch of chemistry at university...but I liked geology and psychology much better because they fit my personality better.

I'm thinking it's the same with dyeing and discharging.

Which is EXACTLY why I support other artists who are so good at dyeing. I buy their work.

This piece, titled Sunrise-Sunset (because I couldn't decide) is made from fabrics I purchased...some from Constance Rose and some from Laura Cater-Woods and some from an anonymous dyer. I enjoyed every moment of working with their beautiful hand dyed fabric. A big "Thank You" to you all!


  1. I love "Sunrise-Sunset" - it really captures the mood of those times of the day! And how wonderful for the dyers to see something made out of their fabrics; I'm sure they love what they see here ;-))

  2. Me, too. Want to get together and play? Meanwhile, you're taking others hand-dyes to the next level in your wonderful creations:)