Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Okay, maybe I'm cranky...

What do you do when you are mad as hell? or sad? or happy? or....whatever? I make art quilts.

My latest case in point is "Congress: Words, Words, Words, Talk, Talk, Talk"...too long a title? That's just the point.

Our forefathers set up a great bi-cameral legislative body, balanced by a judiciary and an executive. Why, oh, why then have we degraded into such a wonky, unstable mess?

It beggars my imagination to understand how members of government...elected by fairly small numbers of supporters considering 1) those who voted for the other guy, 2) the great number who are too young to vote and 2) the incredible number who just don't bother to vote. Those elected, when they take their seats and swear to uphold the Constitution, represent us ALL...not just the relatively small numbers who support them. Okay, okay...more should vote. But it doesn't change the fact that they represent us ALL. They all just tenaciously hold on to their little worlds while the whole crumbles. There's just no agreement on anything.

My husband says we have the government we deserve: the best money can buy. While I'm mad as hell, I'm not that cynical YET.


  1. Oh, I so agree. Love your wonky quilt -- maybe you should send it to them and let them see how the rest of the country sees them!

  2. Your quilt says it all -- for ALL of us who feel the same way. It's gotten so that I'm starting to read just the sports and the comics in the newspaper each day -- the rest is too frustrating.

    Can you send this quilt to your congressperson????


  3. Like Elaine on Seinfeld used to say, "Yadda, yadda, yadda..." Bravo.

  4. Rosa DeLora would appreciate the sentiment... she is a congresswoman and a parton of the arts! I love the quilt...

  5. Oh, I'm that cynical. Bravo for the post and the quilt.

  6. Did you see Michelle Bachmann's reaction to the earthquake and the hurricane in the New York Times? She thinks lawmakers should pay attention to these natural phenomena and act accordingly. My question: do the earthquake and the hurricane mean that we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing gay marriage? Or for not insuring our most vulnerable citizens?

  7. Absolutely agree with you. Great quilt to express it too. I do the same, except there are so many things to get out there, that my time is pretty much taken up! Glad you made it through Irene ok. Nothing like losing electricity to realize how much we are dependent upon it.
    best, nadia