Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deadline induced procrastination

There's just something about deadlines.  Maybe at some level it's a wish to slow time down, delay the inevitable...put off the pain.  Whatever.  Aside from the deadlines for calls to enty in March, I have the April ones to meet prior to my departure the first week of April for Australia.  Of course, some deadlines will not  be met.  During my paralysis of indecision, I have used my preferred delaying device, procrastination, to advantage AGAIN.  I cleaned and rearranged my studio.  Yikes, that hasn't happened in a very long time.  

I was able to take this photo on my usually over-stacked desk-top.  The magazine and catalogue are lovely gifts from my friend Yvette Howard, one of the members of the art quilt group that I also belong to, Sisters in Cloth.  We had been looking for this issue and she found it.  The last two copies at a nearby store.

Martha Wolfe is the "cover girl" on this most recent issue of Cloth-Paper Scissors.  She participated in The Prayer Flag Project, initiated by another member of our art quilt group Vivika DeNegre.  Martha is a former member who we love to invite to participate in our challenges, even though she has relocated to Florida.  She does such interesting work!   The article featuring the project was written by Jane Lafazio who, I guess, is spearheading the Prayer Flag Project.  It is a very inspiring premise and has produced some indelible memories.

The catalogue is from the Textile Study Group of New York's exhibit 9X9X3 which Yvette and I managed to catch the day it was being installed in the Durst Building on Avenue of the Americas in NYC.  It was very interesting to see the small jewels of detailed work.  

I don't think Yvette even knows that she was enabling my procrastination.  I was able to spend no small amount of time pouring over them both.  I won't tell her...she'd feel guilty and I won't want that on my conscience :^)


  1. Oh how exciting your coming trip will be!! Are you coming to Brisbane?

  2. Alas, Sue, Brisbane is not on the schedule for this adventure. After we depart Victoria we will spend some time in Kununurra (Bungle Bungles and Mitchell Plateau) before flying home thru Sydney (4 days there). Maybe NEXT year. I'd love to catch up with you.

  3. So excited for you and your upcoming trip -- enjoy to the max!


  4. Thanks for the shout out, Diane. It all fell together thanks to Sisters and you. Coming to CT, visiting Vivika.... You all have been a constant source of inspiration and a creative lifeline for me. I'm very fortunate:)