Sunday, March 18, 2012

WAY too much fun!

She shoots...she SCORES!  
Yesterday was the annual Extravaganza hosted by the art quilt group that I belong to, Sisters in Cloth.  It began, hmmm...maybe 9 years ago, because we were tired of winter, weather canceled meetings, dreary skies and the lack of fiber events.  We decided to host a day of all things "quilty" and invite friends.  We wanted a big Show and Tell, a day with friends who were not in our membership and, of course, lunch.

Betty Warner

Over the years it has become more.  For several years now, we have invited speakers and vendors.  Usually the vendors simply send us a carton of inventory which we sell for them, returning unsold along with the proceeds.  So it has turned into a much anticipated event:  Inspiration, Fabric AND Food.  Definitely a winning combination.

Cate Prato, Cloth Paper Scissors editor

Our fellow member, Vivika DeNegre, the new editor of Quilting Arts, invited her new colleague Cate Prato, editor of Cloth Paper Scissors to the party.  We were very interested in the shirt that Cate had printed with many found objects...fitting perfectly with our speaker's topic.  Jane Davila gave an incredibly informative slide presentation.  Actually, I wouldn't mind hearing it a second was that interesting.

Debbie Bento being serious

Linda Zimmerman

Roz Spann

Vivika DeNegre with one of her birds (and found objects)

Judy Ross...her husband said this piece was too simplistic (Really?)

Part of the "store"
The vendors this year included:  1) Jane Davila who brought all the new amazing printing, painting, dyeing stuff and books that one would ever need (seriously).  Plus she was there to answer our questions on how to use it.

2) Mickey Lawlor (Skydyes) sent her incredible hand painted cottons which made several of our hearts race.

3) Sunny Bunny from Tampa sent a box of luscious shibori, gradations and hand-dyed cheesecloth.

4) Karen Loprete brought a ton of her colorful work. 

5) Our very own Carol Ludington brought a mountain of cotton that she had ice cube dyed!  I don't think she sleeps...if you check out the Sisters in Cloth blog site you can see a photo of both the fabric and Carol.

Hostess Yvette Howard with Barb Adams

We all are grateful that our hostess Yvette has such a generous spirit.  She opens her home to us after spending days staging it so that everyone can enjoy the speaker, the lunch, the Show and Tell, the vendors AND, of course, catching up with each other.  Thank you, Yvette!  You are the BEST!!


  1. Diane, I am so incredibly jealous that you have such a talented group of friends able to meet together!

  2. Meg took the words right out of my mouth -- I am green with envy at the amazing day you all shared together. What a talented group of women -- and all in the same room at the same time! And all that fabric . . .


  3. Waaah - I'm so jealous! What a wonderful event -- and how great to see all these photos of old friends. You have the best group!!