Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Jackson Pollens...yes, Pollens

 It's Spelling Bee Season!  Next Saturday right here in our little town, with the high school auditorium filled to capacity, the 6th annual Spelling Bee will entertain us all.  No kidding.  It's a big deal here.
And, it's not just because there's nothing else to do...that's beside the point anyway.

The Guilford Fund For Education sponsors the event.  You would be surprised at the interesting teams that compete.  One year a physician's team, Bowels & Consonants, won for Best Costume...yep..costumes!  That was the year that my husband's team from Guilford Art Center, The Not So Artsy Fartsies, did not win (don't ask).

This year The Art Center's team is going as "The Jackson Pollens".  The theory on this one is that "no one does pollen".  hmmmm.

My buddy Yvette, one of the other team members, was asked by The Art Center to create the T shirts.  I told her I would help.  After all, it's the least I can do.  I don't spell well.

I cut a freezer paper stencil and ironed it onto the three shirts.  After the lettering had dried, I enlisted my resident artistes to spatter the pollen.  They had a hard time believing that it was A-R-T...told them we'd acquaint them with the Real Jackson's work.

Tomorrow we will spatter the back before returning all to Yvette, who has made iron-on logos for the back.  Add black berets, and, viola!(and, yes, I DO know the French is voila...but I never actually say voila..I always say viola..because I don't speak French...besides not spelling)  a team is created.  Fingers crossed that they win their "hive" again this year.  Too bad I will be in Philly at the SAQA/SDA conference and will miss the whole "buzz".


  1. What fun! The name and t shirts are great.

  2. Love this whole idea! The Pollens will fit right in with the spelling "bee" theme -- and it won't matter if you're allergic to bees OR pollen -- the team will look fantastic!