Thursday, March 1, 2012


If I Hear Music It Must Be Copland

Today is LAUNCH day of viewpoints9, a group of international fiber artists from five countries answering challenges posted by members.  Over the next few weeks, we each will post our reflections and, hopefully, progress on our projects.  On the 26th of April, our first Virtual Gallery Opening will be held on our blog.  Each artist will share her creation (18"x24"), as well as her reaction to the challenge.  Then the whole starts all over again with another challenge.

While excited about the prospects, I've been a bit overwhelmed with the august company I find myself in and the more intellectual component of the challenge.  That and I'm a techno-phob.  Other than that, the only problem I can see is....well...the first challenge:  Music.

I know it's heresy, but, really, most music is just a five letter word for me.  I never recognize whatever is playing.  Oh, some of it gets my foot tapping, or, worse, my body moving...but remembering the music? Not so much.  Except for Aaron Copland.  I love Appalachian Spring, Rodeo and his Fanfare for the Common Man.  Actually, unless it's one of his pieces, I really don't recognize much, hence the title of the piece above that I made many years ago.

So as the next few weeks go by, I'm hoping that something really, really wonderful and unusual happens for me.  I hope I'm inspired by music.  Alternatively, I'll be listening to a lot of Copland.

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