Monday, April 2, 2012

Pollen Update

The Jackson Pollens: Guilford Art Center's Bee Team

Whilst I was away having way too much fun representing CT at the SAQA/SDA Conference in Philadelphia this past weekend, the Guilford Art Center's Spelling Bee Team was participating in the Guilford Fund for Education's 6th Annual Spelling Bee fundraiser.  Pictured here are Suzanne Hens-Kaplan, Yvette Howard and David Wright.

Apparently they acquitted themselves well by winning their "swarm".  Even though they lost in the final championship round, our resident little person congratulated David with a hug, a pat on the back and a "Good job, Papa, you did the best you could".  I think that comment, while true and well meant, might have stung his competitive nature.  I'm thinking he'll be back next year...hoping for a better outcome.

There is SO much to report about the amazing conference.  I have to get organized...get my head together before I can report on that.  There's always tomorrow.

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