Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Vote is IN...

Lisa Call's Lines #42
100% of the comments from my last post wanted to see the small mounted piece that I purchased from Lisa Call.  It is 3"square and is sewn to a 5" square canvas.  I'm very fond of red...and, this one reminds me of the Japanese torii that mark the entrance to a Shinto shrine, transitioning from the profane to the sacred.

P.S. Full disclosure here:  there was just one comment ;^)


  1. I love Lisa's work. Looking forward to seeing it in "person."

  2. I am glad I didn't miss Lisa's exhibit, but I wish I had run into you there (or anywhere:)

  3. You just made my day, Diane -- I have never been 100% of ANYTHING before, and I'm thrilled that it happened with your wonderful blog post.

    This is a lovely piece of work -- it speaks to the geometry teacher in me, and I can see why you loved it. Enjoy it in the best of health.


  4. Diane,

    It was wonderful to meet you at the gallery last month. You all were great fun!

    Thank you again for support by purchasing this textile painting. Much appreciated.

    I hope our paths cross again some day.