Thursday, April 26, 2012

Viewpoints9 Challenge 1

End of Summer

End of Summer detail

"Music", specifically a clip from Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Summer, was the first challenge for Viewpoints9, an online group of international participants, testing themselves on how one might be inspired using various modalities.  A challenge, indeed.

First challenge
Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Summer

Music does not ordinarily translate to visual imagery for me.  So, Martha’s challenge was a big one.  After listening my favorite, Aaron Copland, just to get in the mood, I left my mental pictures of Shakers and cowboys and focused on Vivaldi’s” The Four Seasons: Summer”.  Indeed, I had to revert to the music class directions and write down my impressions:  Tension, Urgency, Strings, Pitch, Dark, Bright flashes, Structure and Rigor.
 And this is Summer?!
What happened to Summer?  Why the urgency?  Why the tension?  Need another layer of fat for the winter?  Not enough nuts and seeds stored away?  Still have that off-spring to fledge?

“End of Summer” is made from kimono silk and cottons.  Machine stitched and hand painted.  I found a hand dyed cotton with dark parts that I thought might connote an end of summer evening.  Just next to it, out of place, was a dark, lightly lined piece of vintage kimono silk that immediately reminded me of strings.  The two were meant to be together. 
The Challenge surprised me.  I was able to connect in unexpected ways.  And, it was fun, also an important element.


  1. I like this! Simple yet has a lot going on.

  2. Beautiful in its simplicity, Diane. And it has, to me, a very Asian feel. I can here wood flutes when I look at it.

  3. Beautiful, Diane -- your use of color always inspires me, and this quilt is a perfect example of great color placement. Kudos!