Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fiberactions Reveal Day

Fibonacci's Garden
Fiberactions second Challenge is to explore the use of a Split Complimentary color family.

I interviewed several combos and decided to go with one that made me smile, one that would be a pleasure to work with, while still being a challenge.

Golden Yellow is my focus, with red violet, violet, blue violet, blue and cerulean blue as its supporting counterpart.
Fibonacci's Garden detail
I did not have a clue as to where I was going.  I gathered the fabrics and started cutting.  My formula was cut, sew, press, sew, scrutinize and repeat.  It did make me smile.  Per usual, I developed a narrative while cutting and sewing.  The story was one about Fibonacci, the famous Italian mathematician in the early 1200’s.  This little piece references his number sequence and spirals.

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