Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Artwork of Merelyn Pearce

To Margaret Preston I detail
The first weekend of April we attended the Australasia Quilt Exhibit in Melbourne.

There was much to be excited about...and we photographed it all.  Starting with the work of Merelyn Pearce, a New South Wales quilter, who has won just about every award one can...and justifiably.  I was blown away by her precision and her vision.
To Margaret Preston I
Six of the ten large art quilts exhibited were odes to the art of Margaret Preston, Australia's great woman artist "between the wars", who was greatly inspired by nature and Australian Aboriginal art
Myall Lakes

Queen of Hearts detail

Queen of Hearts

To Margaret Preston II detail
To Margaret Preston II

To Margaret Preston III

To Margaret Preston IV

To Margaret Preston V detail
To Margaret Preston VI detail

To Margaret Preston V

To Margaret Preston VI
The last piece of the Preston series is Preston Dreaming, about which Pearce says that she sought to highlight the influence of Australian Aboriginal Art on the work of Preston who strove to achieve a truly uniquely Australian artistic expression.
Preston Dreaming

Wrapped in Love detail

Preston Dreaming

Wrapped in Love
Merelyn Pearce's work is fabulous...we found ourselves, several times, drawn back to her work in the course of the two days.

More photos of other equally compelling exhibits to follow.


  1. wow. i am really speechless... other than, welcome home!

  2. When I got to the last photo, the word WOW! (exclamation point included) involuntarily came out of my mouth. Wow!

  3. WOW!!I am in awe of the beautiful work!! Stunning.

  4. Thanks for featuring Marilyn's work. I had not run across it yet and it is indeed stunning.
    best, nadia