Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Where to begin?!?

We are home from our adventure.  Because of various insufficiencies, I was not able to blog frequently while we were traveling Australia.  I will remedy that now, in no special order of events.

First:  the reason we choose April was to be assured that the "wet" season would be over and small aircraft travel would be possible to remote areas in the Top End.  We took a very interesting route to Kununnura, Western Australia from Melbourne (where we spent our first three weeks)....via Perth and Broome...inexplicable, but we made it.  From there we boarded a four-person, single engine aircraft to fly to the Bungles, where we rendezvoused with our small helicopter (without doors for better viewing) for a tour of theses incredible sandstone monoliths.

Lake Argyle, largest artificial lake in OZ, created by damming Ord River
Left fixed-wing aircraft to board helicopter for Bungles

Here's what wikipedia has to say about The Bungles:  It is located in north east of Western Australia. The nearest major town is Kununurra to the north, or Halls Creek to the south.

Purnululu is the name given to the sandstone area of the Bungle Bungle Range by the KijaAboriginal people. The name means sandstone or may be a corruption of bundle grass. The range, lying fully within the park, has elevations as high as 578 metres above sea level. It is famous for the sandstone domes, unusual and visually striking with their striping in alternating orange and grey bands. The banding of the domes is due to differences in clay content and porosity of the sandstone layers: the orange bands consist of oxidised iron compounds in layers that dry out too quickly for cyanobacteria to multiply; the grey bands are composed of cyanobacteria growing on the surface of layers of sandstone where moisture accumulates.

As my jet-lag dissipates and I tackle the pile of mail and to-do tasks, I will return to posting more adventures.  We had SUCH a wonderful time.  You will love the photos which include a fantastic quilt (and art quilt) exhibit....more to come.


  1. You did can scratch that one off the bucket list! Looks like you had a gorgeous day, too. How exciting:)

  2. Beautiful and inspiring photographs. I imagine we will soon be seeing some amazing quilts.

  3. Oh man... I can't wait to see how you interpret these immages!