Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day five in Melbourne

But no photos :-( I don't know how to load photos onto my ipad and into blogger. Okay, next time I bring the laptop Our trip from Boston took 38 hours instead of the usual 24ish. Two thirds of the way over the Pacific, a passenger on oue Quantas airbus a380 (think medium size two story hotel) had a heart attack. The nearest airport that could accomoadate the aircraft was Honolulu, two hours behind us. There we were met by lifesaving crews th at took the man who had been stabilized by fellow passenger medics. Because Honolulu is not a real a380 facility there was not a flight crew available to take over and continue the flight to Melbourne. So Quantas put up the entire 400 passenger list for the 12 hours that is required for the crew to rest prior to continuing the journey. Honolulu was lovely. Abit overcast in the morning but wonderfully warm as we departed at midnight We have done our usual tours of Melboune....galleries, museums, trams.....and the Australiaisn Quilt Conference!! I saw some really wonderful, inspiring work. Brenda gael Smith curated Under the Southern Cross...gave a wonderfully informative talk on the jurying exhibit that was wworth the jouney all by itself! There was a retrospective of The work of Merelyn Pearce, an Australian quiltmaker par excellence. She doesn't look old enough to have such a large body....her husband told me it was only a fraction of what was rolled up at home. Tonight we have dinner with our art quilt buddy Geri Barr Hopefully some kind techie (Alex? Alan? Martha?) will come to my rescue and fill me in on posting pics. We took 800(!) at the quilt show


  1. Glad you're having a great time, detours to Honolulu or no. Look forward to the photos!

  2. I have a little gizmo for uploading photos to my iPad. It can use the usb cord or the card reader. You need to get one!! What a trip you had!!

  3. Hi, Diane! Glad you and David are safely in Melbourne despite the detour. Re: posting to blogger from iPad, you can't put photos in through the regular blogger interface. I wrote a blog ( about it and my's 10 months old, so there's probably newer and better fixes, but this will work. You'll need the Blogsy app and I use the MyPics HD (Picasa) app for uploading the photos into blogger. It's pretty straightforward once you open them up and try it. Good luck --- let me know if you run into any problems. Eagerly awaiting pix :)