Friday, September 7, 2012


I have been so busy this past month.  The kind of busy that doesn't necessarily yield results.  I have finished one piece and I have been working on a T-shirt quilt for a local school fundraiser...but I haven't "done" anything.  If you know what I mean.

 I have been in the garden with my camera.  The butterfly bush has been a constant source of interest, both to me and, to a myriad of butterflies:  American Painted Ladies, two types of Swallowtails and, just lately, some Monarchs.  I had almost lost hope on seeing Monarchs in our yard this year.

The fish pond is always interesting.  We have four huge fish, Goldie, Taxi, Salt and Pepper and our smaller two year old, French Fry.
Then there is the view from my studio.  I am so lucky.  First, to have my own space and second, to have a view.  We laid the stone for the patio last year.  This year I planted barrels with herbs and stuff I thought deer would not like to eat.

 I've been thinking about making a piece about shadows.  Almost every morning my buddy Yvette and I walk from the Town Green to the harbor...about 2.5 miles.  This last time I toted my little camera so I could investigate more shadows.  Okay, I am not the skinny one.  It does make me smile that the shadows reveal more about us than just our forms.  Interesting.
Now that school has begun and the little people we live with are back to a routine, perhaps I can get back to one too.  Let's hope!  And while we are hoping, let's hope it's a very productive routine.

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  1. What great shadows -- hope to see what comes of these. And I love your koi! Have a great weekend. See you on the 15th!