Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sisters in Cloth

Can't keep hands off

I was so excited to have been approached by Lynn Krawczyk to contribute to one of her articles on art quilt groups.  Her last article was full of inspiration:  Replenishing Your Creative Well Fiber Art Groups in the Aug/Sept issue of Quilting Arts featured 'the thursday art group' and was full of interesting points.

The art quilt group that I belong to Sisters in Cloth morphed out of an interest group that I started when I first relocated to Connecticut from Florida.  Bereft of friends, I joined the local Newcomers Club and offered to teach anyone to quilt who would join my group.  Pathetic, I know, but it worked.  Members, who already knew how to quilt, joined, along with newbies.  That core is still together.  After we 'graduated' from Newcomers we invited other quilters to join us...and long the way...changed our emphasis from strictly quiltmaking to a broader interest group.  Most of us would consider ourselves art quilters...but not everyone.  Definitions are not important to us.  A cohesive, supportive bunch of friends with common interests is ....We have been through thick and thin with each other.  And, along the way, we have created some fine work that we get to exhibit together.

Lynn's most recent article includes her interviews with four art quilt groups around the country.  It is most interesting with a list of tips for starting your own art quilt group.  I could not imagine my life if I had not been a part of Sisters in Cloth.  Read the Sisters' blog to find out more.
Poised and well-behaved


  1. Enjoyed looking at the Sisters in cloth blog and the article. What a great group you got going--brava!
    best, nadia

    1. Thank you! Most of all we are really good at supporting each other, regardless of the path we've each chosen. I always enjoy reading your comments, Nadia...and reading your blog;^)