Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Decisions, decisions

I am literally snowed-in to my home/studio.  Not bad unless you have shopping to do in preparation for our annual Chinese New Year celebration…then the cooking.  AND yesterday we got SAQA/CT's traveling exhibit Local Color hung at the Guilford Art Center (thankfully we didn't need today also as planned).  Friday is the Opening and Sisters in Cloth is hosting.  More on that later.

So.  Decision to be made.  First, at the left is another of my Dijanne Cevaal Sentinelle pieces.  I had hand stitched the center linocut some weeks ago, and today chose it to work on.  I've been thinking more about twin needle free-motion quilting again.  I think you can see the metallic and sliver threads that I used on the black border.  I don't use this technique very often…and after I return to playing with it, I wonder why I don't.  It's very interesting.

Now the Decision.  Do I mount it on the mustard print?  I always over-think things.  Yes.  No.  Maybe.  Darn.   Maybe you have an opinion.  Love to hear it.

The other thing this snowy day provided was a chance to download some of my more recent snap shots from my little point-and-shoot camera.

Aside from over-thinking things (see above), I also forget a lot.  I've begun to blame it on aging grey cells.  But, truth be told, I've ALWAYS had to write things down so that I would have a visual memory that I could call up at some later point.  The problem is remembering to write things down in the first place ;^)

My step-daughter in Florida has always enjoyed having my work in her house.  One of the first pieces I gave her was this Ruth McDowell-esque "Leslie's Hurricane-proof Orchids".  It hangs on Leslie's living room wall.  I felt she needed some cheering after loosing her collection of orchids in the first hurricane they endured when they moved into their new home.

Long ago gift
So here's where the grey cells' loss was revealed to me.  Diaspora below, with detail:  well, I thought it had been lost.  I looked EVERY WHERE for it this spring and summer.  When we walked into her dining room, you could have knocked me over with that proverbial feather.  Get this:  She had admired it Thanksgiving before last and I had GIVEN it to her!  
She told me that she has it in her living room because that's where family eats together when they visit…and it reminds her that we are all spread across the US and Japan and yet we are still a close family.  Now, I will NEVER forget that!

Long ago play with convergence…Steven's room

Woodblock rubbing from Maine coast

 So…back to the task at hand.  Border or not to Border.  Maybe I'll think of it another day…back at Tara.


  1. On the mustard print!!!! It is stunning!!!!

  2. I like it on the mustard print but I think there's too much if it in your photo. It makes the center piece look a little lost.

  3. I love the Sentinelle piece! I say YES on the mustard print. It is a terrific complement, but maybe it is a bit wide. It's a pity to lose any of the wonderful line work in the print by cutting it down, so maybe a 3rd solution - you could add a double border. One black or other dark color around the Sentinelle, between that and the mustard. I'm not sure what size the whole thing is, but you could make the dark border about 1/3 the width of the mustard. It may give the center image a little more weight so it won't get overpowered by the yellow. Have fun! :-)