Thursday, February 27, 2014

Viewpoints9-2 Reveal Day!

Gosh, I almost forgot to alert readers.  Viewpoints 9 Challenge 3 is being revealed right this moment.  In fact the third one…Kate Themel's was just posted.  Mine is in line.

The challenge was posed by Lisa-Marie: 9=Nein=NO.  (This year all of the challenges are about '9' and Lisa-Marie's was about 'NO.  You might enjoy reading her actual challenge.)

Here is my response.

Perhaps it's the contrarian side of me, but I couldn't help myself.  "NO" just naturally means "YES".

I recall that we were cautioned as teenagers, learning Japanese while living in Japan, that "Iei" (No) was impolite to say in business and formal situations.  I don't think it's as much of a taboo now, except in retail/business exchanges when it is still very impolite, but long ago and in a rural area it was stressed.

That suited me fine!  I tried to co-op the etiquette and extend it to American-English situations as well.

It is very interesting…and sometimes requires adroit mental gymnastics, to communicate 'no' without using the word.  Prime training for diplomacy that was required years later when I became a parent and, later still, during my career as a real estate broker.

Now, older, wiser and much more experienced, I see real value in not saying 'no'.  For instance, I try dyeing, or a new technique, or a new idea without success.  Perfect time for a 'yes!'  That situation simply set up a new dynamic….time to try something different.

I hope to build on negatives with a big, old, hearty, fist-pumping YES.

You really MUST read the other responses!  Besides the art work is GORGEOUS!

It Would Be Impolite to Say No (27"x27")


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