Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kate Themel's New Workshop

My Magnolia
Kate Themel, well-known for her award-winning art quilts, is embarking on another adventure to add to her resume of artist, curator, writer and SAQA co-rep.  She is developing several workshops for art quilters from beginners to advanced students.

My art quilt group, Sisters in Cloth, had the wonderful opportunity to 'trial' her most recent workshop in development.  She is offering us two half day workshops.  Yesterday was our first:  Working with her pattern, we developed our magnolias using her techniques.  During this coming week, we are to finish our layering part of the project from the kit that Kate included which contained Carol Eaton's incredible hand dyed fabrics.

Next Saturday we will re-convene to learn how Master Quilter Kate would finish with the quilting. 

It's really, really hard to stop smiling at how lucky our group is!


  1. Wow! You designed, created and sewed that all in one day!!! It is beautiful. I LOVE the colors ; )))

  2. Well. Actually I created 2 in class. Today I finished it ;-)

    Thanks. It was fun!

  3. Just read about the class in the previous blog from Sisters in Cloth and thought the magnolias absolutely amazing. I love your pink ones and the background fabrics are amazing.

  4. It's gorgeous, and looks like a painting. Well done!

  5. Gorgeous! It's so nice to see some spring colors, especially since my backyard looks like Siberia right now.... LOL

  6. You are indeed fortunate -- what an opportunity! Nothing like learning from the best!