Monday, February 24, 2014

Forsythia? Not anytime soon.

I am getting SO tired of snow!!  We have accumulated more that four times the normal snowfall this year (and it's not even over yet).  I thought last year was bad.  Last March, with yet another snow fall, Dave and I packed up and drove to California for a few weeks.  It is becoming very tempting to head off again.  There just is so very much on my calendar that I don't think I can rationalize fleeing.

Sisters in Cloth just completed two workshops with Kate Themel this past Saturday.  You have to read the latest post there to appreciate the event.  All were totally absorbed!

Also on my agenda are 1) taking down Double Take, our packaged exhibit from Fairfield CT on Sunday, storing it until this Saturday when we re-install in Northamption MA 2) shipping nine Sentinelles for the project with Dijanne Cevaal to France, 3) returning some of the Food for Thought art quilts to their owners, 4) finishing my class project of magnolias AND 5) participating in the SAQA Conference 'Spotlight' AQAConference 'Spotlight' Silent Auction.  It's little wonder that I am sometimes befuddled with what I'm suppose to do.  For a person with reversals, too many demands can sometimes lead to confusion.

Today, I have almost finished my magnolias.  And, I have finished my contribution to SAQA's Silent Auction, 'Forsythia'.  It is only 6"x 8" and will be matted with a 4.5"x6.5" opening.


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    1. Thanks. I have mixed emotions. The required size is quite small and leaves me wanting more. Too late tho. I have posted it to California