Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the risk of boring you....and me

Lily Pond 19"x27"

It has never been easy for me to learn to listen to the advice of others. Let's just say as I've matured I've learned (sometimes the hard way) that it's a fool who doesn't at least consider advice of peers.

This is the last and, I hope, final posting about this piece.

I hope you can see the slight shadowing and highlighting (and beading) in the detail photo. Suggestions from others....with my thanks...did improve it. So, listening and acting on the advice of others has been positively reinforced ;^)


  1. I love the way the petals float......great use of drop shadows!

  2. The shadowing is excellent, Diane -- and your stitching is so well done.

    I think that blogging makes it easier for all of us to receive advice from fellow art quilters -- we spend so much time alone in our studios that we get used to doing what's in our heads. I know that it happens to me a lot. So, whatever advice you received here, you applied it well -- great job!

    The Other Diane