Saturday, July 4, 2009

One Small Step for Art Quilts

The Small Step taken....

Notice the last line: "View exciting new arrangements of pictures in fabric." It can be difficult to explain art quilts, especially to an audience that overwhelmingly focuses on the word "quilt".

How many times have you heard "My grandmother used to quilt" ?

Our art quilt group was invited to display a collection over the summer at Evergreen Woods, an upscale, vibrant residential community for folk 62+. We'd been there before with high praise and some sales so we jumped at the opportunity again.

As our "Green Challenge" (June 18 post) isn't actually due in NC anytime soon, we opted to include it in our "Contemporary Art Quilts" exhibit. There are 28 pieces, well lighted and thoroughly enjoyed and, after our gallery talk, better appreciated as an art form.

"Yukata Blues"
60" x 58"

This piece was originally created for The Garde Theater, New London, 2008, exhibit of Connecticut Contemporary Art Quilts. It's big enough that it doesn't get out much so I took this opportunity to offer it for inclusion in our Evergreen Woods exhibit.

It was inspired by the thistle on white background, a piece of cotton yukata that was given to me by an old friend who had also lived in Japan. Her husband was a Naval Attache just after WWII. I combined it with some of my own vintage pieces. I painted the green and fuchsia fabric and appliqued it in a mirror of the original inspiration. The whole is stitched with white sashiko thread. It is one of my favorites and it's great to see it displayed under good light.

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