Thursday, July 2, 2009

IKEA and A Son's Adventures in Japan

IKEA and A (my) Son's Adventures in Japan

When I began this blog I promised myself that it would be about my work. My family was private. Sometimes (actually more often than not) work and private life intertwine and, perhaps, for an artist it's inevitable and beneficial.

Alan, my youngest child, has lived in Japan since he graduated from university during another recession (early 1990's) and, unable to find a job in the U.S., went to Japan to teach English. The "net/net" story is that he never returned except for visits.

Fast forward, skipping over MANY adventures, he is now an enthusiastic employee for IKEA in Kobe. Pictured here is a current Home Furnishing brochure and the bedroom photograph is actually Alan's own bedroom that is all IKEA, except for the quilt on the wall. I love this unexpected display of one of my gifts to him.