Monday, July 20, 2009

Days and Layers Later

Lily Pond
19"x 27"

My last posting pictured the first layer of thread work on a piece of hand dyed cotton. Today it is finished. Well, as finished as I think it will be. I am open to suggestions, however. I often preview my works-in-progress to others, notably, my art quilt group and, often to my DH. This time was an exception. This is its first viewing and suggestions are always welcomed.


  1. It looks finished to me. It's beautiful.

  2. Looking at it again, I am imagining a small dragon fly with iridescent purple wings on the lace in the lower left, almost on the hypotenuse of the triangle formed by the lace. What do you think?

  3. hmmm...interesting idea. Thanks, Ruth Anne. Diane

  4. Love it! The repeating flower shape is really effective in varied sizes.
    The lace in the corners add interest with the different color dyes... I also like that the 2 corners don't have exactly the same amount of lace. Nice arrangement.
    Only one suggestion; It seems the composition is mostly in the "medium" range...any way to add more contrast? Maybe the purple area could be a bit darker so the pink stands out more?
    Great work!

  5. Now that IS one of the things I was contemplating. Thanks for encouraging me. ;^)

  6. Hi Diane, I agree with Kate that it needs just a touch of contrast. How about some shadowing with ink or paint on the under side of the flowers and pads? It is a very beautiful and calming piece. Just lovely!

  7. Actually, I think I'll wait until I re-shoot the pic. In real life it has more's pathetic, with virtually the same equipment, my photographer and I take totally different photos. And his are always so much better.

    I COULD wait until Saturday when he's home and ask him to do re-take it.