Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Letting the piece talk to you

19" x 19"
Wholecloth, hand dyed, crayon, paint sticks, paint, wax resist, stitch.

Just Monday I was happy with "Windfall". Well, I thought I was. I put it up to photograph and left it there....and it "spoke" to me. Something to the effect that it wasn't complete.

More leaves? Less is more? Oh, to heck, with Coco Chanel's "When accessorizing, take off the last thing you put on".

I MIGHT be done now. (Okay, "the other" Diane, NOW what do you think?)


  1. Diane, you have asked for comments, so here is what I think. To suggest falling, twirling, maybe some breeze, you could curl one or two of the leaves to suggest 3D leaves. If the area in the bottom left suggest a pool, a few extra quilting lines in that area would add some depth, especially if a leaf is "dipping" into the pool. A few other curvaceous lines of quilting, perhaps in a darker thread, or a different type of stitch, might suggest swirling air currents moving leaves to the viewer. I quite like your blog and am going to subscribe. The look is clean and your side bars are well defined and purposeful. Gina

  2. I STILL love it! I honestly can't remember what the piece looked like before the changes. The leaves look as though they're tumbling out of the picture, an effect which I really like. I personally think that the quilting is perfect. But only you can hear the quilt when it speaks to you -- and when it does, you have to answer the call.

    And I NEVER subscribed to Coco Chanel's adage about accessorizing -- my philosophy has always been, "If you can't decide what color to wear, wear 'em all."

    I l-o-o-o-v-e this piece!

    The Other Diane

  3. I'm yet another Diane. I love this piece. I love printing and painting leaves myself and often add 3D leaves as well. Good composition and great colors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!