Friday, March 25, 2011

Adelaide, part 2

Every where we've been internet access has been iffy even in hotels. It's rare when I can upload three pics to blogger...which is too bad because the photos are what has been of the most interest to viewers. Too bad because I have literally thousands to share.

While we were in Adelaide (Mar 14-21) we were truly treated like family and were able to see all the major sites, except for the ongoing Clipsal Road Race which we tried to avoid by using buses and trams in the city center.

One day was devoted to the Barossa Valley...a deservedly famous wine center. This pic is a pretty typical shot of the beautiful green vineyards. Of course, we tasted our fair share of delicious wines.

Speaking of typical, this roadside sign was one of many we photographed to alert drivers of wandering wildlife. We have similar pics for wombats, kangaroos and echidna.

This particular sign was on the approach to a reserve where we took a hike on our last day. I was lucky enough to spot a koala in a tree....all the other hikers gathered and he treated us to his "holler"...sounded a bit like a chimp. Honestly. It's the male's method of calling females and warding off other males. A first for was great.

My posts are almost up to current time. The Government House post was in real time and not in sequence with the I will post about our wine tasting trip on Mar 23 and 24 with our Melbourne buddies to Rutherglen valley in Northeast Victoria, and places we've never been...very fine wines, gorgeous gums and the stomping grounds of Ned Kelly.


  1. Thousands of pictures, you say.....awesome! I cannot wait to see you in June! I have to ask if you've seen any quokkas in your nature jaunts? Continued great adventures to you and Dave ♡

  2. More pictures of Papa, please!!