Monday, March 28, 2011

Postcard from Geelong

Farewell, Geelong.

Yesterday was our last day here in Geelong where we lived many years ago. We've caught up with friends and seen the exhibits and venues we "needed" to.

The foreshore has been beautifully developed since we lived here: the swimming circle has been revamped, a boardwalk playground has been installed, many restaurants have popped up...several actually on the piers and public art installed. Our favorite artwork is the Bollards. These painted sculptures have become iconic for Geelong...there's even a pair at the Melbourne airport welcoming visitors to Geelong.

Yesterday we ate lunch in one of those foreshore restaurants, a very old building that had previously been a sailors rest. We then drove to nearby Serendip Wildlife where I snapped this photo of a group of school children...typical of school children here with uniforms and sun hats.

This last photo catches a lovely restaurant, Cunningham's, at the end of the pier, a set of Swimming Club Bollards and the You Yangs in the background (beyond the tall smokestacks from the Shell refinery). We drove to visit the You Yangs after we visited Serendip only to find out that the reserve had been closed due to the significant damage caused by recent rains. "You Yang" comes from the Aboriginal owners' description: Big mountain in the plain....very apt.

Our flight home leaves in 24 hours and we begin the horror that is our journey home. Watch out Heather et al, a very grumpy couple will be showing up Wed. evening.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and photos along the way. Have a safe trip home!

  2. Thanks for more pictures of Papa!