Friday, March 4, 2011

Cable Beach Camels @ Sunset

One of the major "have to do"(s) while in Broome is a camel ride along gorgeous Cable Beach at sunset.

As you know, the Top End is currently in "The Wet" Aussie understated description of the weather Jan-Mar. We know the sun set...somewhere behind the vast, slightly circular swirling cloud clot...but it didn't dampen our enjoying the experience a bit. DRW and I are the riders on the second affable, apparently brainy, Alpha Camel want-to-be named Joe.
This is Joe. He was one of the few camels purchased after having been trained. Most are rounded up from the 1.5 million feral camels that have become too populous in the Northern Territories. These numbers have grown since being released at the end of the 19th century. They were brought here during the development of the railroad (mostly) and then released into the desert instead of returned. Apparently the Australian deserts were just the thing for their flourishing...without disease or interbreeding...yielding a very robust creature that is sometimes sought by other camel countries to strengthen their herds.

Joe was formerly worked at Uluru (Ayers Rock) and became available for sale a couple of years ago. He seems very happy...seeking head scratching from the riders in front...he also knows that the lead camel, Ashwan, carries the cache of carrots used for the reward of a successful journey down the beach.


  1. What fun and what a fabulous photograph! Your posts have been so interesting. You both look as though you are having a marvelous time!

  2. I wonder if I rode Joe's mom or dad 30 years ago (!) at Ayers Rock... Great photos!

  3. Amazing! Thanks for sharing your journey as you go. I'm making mental notes for a future trip... :-) Enjoy!

  4. THanks, so much for sharing your trip! Your photos have been amazing.....and, no doubt, the experiences that go with them:) I love the reflections of the camels in the water in your first photo - very neat......and you, with the windswept hair:D

  5. You sure his name is not BOB? Ask again? It must be BOB!?!

    Nice pictures...

    PS Check out Facebook. Claire was the goalie in a penalty shoot out to determine champions in Manhattan Soccer Club Kick Off Classic. She stopped the first shot with an amazing dive which ultimately sealed the shootout win for the Guilford U9 girls to bring home First Place and a really big trophy...She also hit a great shot to score a point in the shootout as well.

  6. Now, THAT'S something different. What an adventure you are having! Great pictures. Obviously DRW did not take the first one.