Friday, November 30, 2012

"Indigo" Goes Up Tomorrow

Mountain Rill detail

Mountain Rill

Tomorrow my art quilt group, Sisters in Cloth , will hang our annual exhibit at the Guilford Free Library.  The major part will be dedicated to "Indigo" inspired work.  A smaller portion will be reserved for our small works inspired by a talk by Jane Davila and US postage stamps.

These three I made from fabric that I had actually dyed myself.  The top detail I include because I was so surprised with the complex makeup of the commercial indigo dye that I used....brown and pink(!) Who knew?

I have a couple of others that I will take just to see what pieces work with the other members' art.  As I got all my indigo together, I realized just how inspired I must have been....there are five to choose from.

I will photograph the entire exhibit and post some of the images in the next few days.

Next Saturday is the regular meeting of SAQA/CT and we have invited everyone to the library to see the exhibit and have lunch with us.  We are calling it "Soup's On for SAQA".  Should be fun.  Stay tuned.

They Rode the Sparks to Heaven

Miyajima Nocturne


  1. Beautiful pieces -- and congratulations on your sales! You must be so excited about everything that's been happening lately -- so well-deserved, my friend.