Sunday, February 27, 2011

Geelong, Victoria

I was so happy that I could connect with Dijanne Cevaal in Geelong. She has fairly recently relocated there after her European tour. I was delighted that she shared so much of her work with me....certainly amazingly textured pieces. So much depth. So much emotion. I feel very lucky that she allowed me to purchase this piece: all hand stitched, hand dyed silk. Eucalyptus leaves are a real passion of mine. It is a real treasure to add to my collection.

Here DRW and I are standing at the entrance of the Geelong Botanical Gardens. The two sculptures are "bollards" and depict the creators of the original gardens. The Botanical Gardens are just a couple of blocks from our former home along Eastern Beach where we lived in the early 1990's and was a favorite destination of mine for morning walks: great birding and beautiful plants...the natives were my favorite.

In the great make-over of Geelong's waterfront the bollards are everywhere...and a great source of interest and photos for visitors.

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