Sunday, February 27, 2011

More creatures

I have been unable to get internet access for several days now so I've written several posts covering the past 3-4 days. If you have the time.....several follow.

DRW's daughter Leslie was the only one of our children who was able to visit us when we lived here so many years ago. One of the most memorable events for us all was a koala sighting we made in the You Yangs. She took the most beautiful, this is for you, Leslie.

We did get a shot of one awake. They sleep about 22 hours a day...because of the difficulty in digesting their limited diet of eucalypts.

And we finally got a photo of an awake wombat....most of these animals prefer dawn and dusk.

Tomorrow we fly to Broome, Western Australia...and yes, there is a weather low there with some signs of a cyclone...but we are crossing our fingers and proceeding. Besides, Qantas assures us we will be going.

We've never been to "The West" and are really looking forward to this even though because of the continued "wet" (that's an understatement) we will probably be unable to see all that we'd hoped.


  1. Hi Diane! I've really enjoyed following you and Dave on your trip. What a wonderful & diverse country! It's on my list of dream vacations... someday. :-) Safe Travels and have fun in the wild West. Take care

  2. Have a wonderful, if wet, time! Might as well see the country the way the people who live it do. We just watched "Walkabout" and there was a wombat in it - thanks for reminding me what it was called!