Saturday, February 19, 2011

Melbourne Day 3 & 4

Our days include a lot of walking. It'd be nice to say that we'd lost a few kilos on this trip..and, heck, we might. I do know we've left at least one kilo on the streets of Melbourne even though we have discovered that we like the city circle tram. Yesterday, Saturday, it was VERY crowded however, and we decided to bolt off a couple of stops early on our way to Chinatown where we had lunch. Yum.

The first pic is from an exhibit at ANZ (a bank) and from the community that is represented by one of our new art gallery contacts Stan Yarramunua. Lively, interesting work, to say the least.

This second snapshot is a huge sculpture at the Docklands.

And the last photo is the view from our ninth floor room at Melbourne's Rialto Hotel.

We are still trying to connect with some more folk for references for appraisers for our Aboriginal Art Collection. So far we have found two (one connected with Sotheby's) to give our cd. Finding an appraiser is one of our goals for this trip.

Today we have not made firm plans yet....perhaps a Festival at St. Kilda....all's well. Still sunny and warm, with (so far) only overnight showers.

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