Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heide Museum of Art

I'd never been to the Heide Museum of Modern Art and it wasn't until I read Dijanne Cevaal's Feb 12 post that I recalled it at all...and made the mental note to get there, especially since she had such good things to say about it.

I've been looking for blooming native plants...there's always something blooming somewhere nearby to support the great variety of nectar eating birds (parrots and honey eaters mostly). The thing about the rains, that apparently have broken the decades old drought, is that the mozzies are here in abundance. We now need to carry repellent along with our sunscreen.

This gorgeous sculpture...sorry to say it's one of the few works whose creator I neglected to document...after I got back to the hotel to look at my photos is my favorite.

The Heide covers 16 acres of buildings/homes and exhibition space, gardens (kitchen and herb) and a sculpture park presenting "a dramatic combination of indoor and outdoor spaces". And, conveniently, it also has a very fine cafe.

We planned our day around it. Thank you, Dijanne!

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