Thursday, February 10, 2011


Guilford Art Center's Pole Barn houses the metal-smiths and a couple of kilns. It's for weathering the elements...obvious elements here. And much of the "elements" has melted.

The sunny news of the day is that two of my Journey Bowls have been juried into the next exhibit at the Art Center!

I posted about Africa Bowl on Jan 19 and the open Outback Bowl on Jan 25.

It was a bit of a whim to enter the competition. I try to support the Center in any way that I can. The Call to Entry spoke to me and I thought what the heck...I never dreamed that the jurors would actually LIKE them.

Bowls: common, open-top containers, dishes or basins, often round and rather deep, used in many cultures chiefly for holding liquids and food. One of the simplest, most ancient, and most elemental forms. Bowls have been created and recreated by artists and artisans through the ages as objects variously or simultaneously functional, sculptural, decorative, utilitarian, and more. This exhibit will explore what continues to be new and vital about this form, and submitted work is encouraged to explore its many aspects.

Jurors: Pam Erickson and Richard Davis

Pam Erickson and Richard Davis are nationally exhibiting, mixed media artists. Transplanted from New York City, they live and maintain studios in Ivoryton, Connecticut. The couple managed and curated exhibitions for the former Erickson-Davis Gallery.

The serendipitous bit is that I happened to be at the Center when the Director mentioned that the jurors had their choices in and that she was happy to tell me in person about my Journey Bowls. Ordinarily I would have been notified on the 14th, the official date. The date that I would have been on a Qantas flight on my way to Melbourne!

So, I'm off to the Center. Journey Bowls and contract in hand. Whilst I ready for another journey.


  1. Congratulations! Those bowls are awesome!

  2. Bravo! You make me smile! Congrats......go fill another journey bowl:)

  3. So glad to see one more feather in your feather-filled cap! Congratulations

  4. Congratulations to you! What a great feeling when the judges love your work -- fly high!


  5. Congratulations, the bowls are incredible and will be a beautiful addition to the show. Have a fun & safe trip!