Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

I've always enjoyed bloggers' Wordless Wednesday posts...never been able to pull it off myself. I've got too many words I guess.

The Melbourne tram ads were very interesting. We read them all.

And then there was this wall in a pub where we stopped for lunch. Our favorite was:
Drink beer because nobody solves the problems of the world over white wine.

Lastly, the real wordy bit. Monday night we were feted to the wonderful Aussie hospitality that everyone loves to bask in. We were invited to art quilter Geri Barr's home in Port Melbourne for a family dinner. I took a snap of her garden...and puppy Abby, also a cross-breed like the two we left at home: part Golden Retriever part Poodle. A very bright, spirited and lovable puppy of just a year.

Geri is going to Massachusetts in May. I'm hoping her schedule allows her to pop down to CT for a visit with our art quilt group Sisters in Cloth. She has a talk on Contemporary Australian Art Quilts and on "managing" your art and inspirations. Either or both would be welcomed I think.

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  1. Good to see you are having a great time in Melbourne. Say 'Hi' to Geri from me. The travelogue is making me wish I had some time off in Melbourne too.